Questions about privacy configurations of Qubes (Tor, VPN, etc.)

Good evening everyone,
So I want to setup my own “vps+vpn” using my qubes-os but getting confused here. I prefer to have full control and not trust other parties to do my work for me or tell me one thing and then do another. My goal is for privacy and security and thinking using openvpn would help but getting confused about whonix-gw and how to setup both up to work together…
Whonix-gw…could this really be considered a “vps”? It has its own OS and connects to the internet.

My thinking is
{Qubes>launch openvpn template>launch disposable "Firefox/Tor browser>whonix-gw>internet}
{Qubes>whonix-gw>launch disposable "Firefox/Tor browser>Openvpn>Internet}

Don’t I have to “hook together/connect” both (whonix-gw -to- openvpn) or vise versa to get out to internet safety/securely/privately?
Or am I just making this harder then what it is and really don’t need to use “openvpn” and only use whonix-gw?

Someone here was kind enough to direct me to forums and it was very informative and helpful. The information over there is WOW and I never know let alone crossed my mind how “big tech” harvest’s data and the tricks they do…
I was reading around and posting and someone over there said this…

TOR setup…you can also route your VPN across I2P and then put Tor across your VPN? Or even better: Tor->VPN1->I2P->VPN2 and make sure those VPNs are 2-hops for maximum latency. Which will help your anonymity even more.

Thank you for your time

Hi. I’m having issues understanding exactly what the question is… can you try to sum up your post in a concise question?

Most likely the documentation will have that answer you are looking for. Dropping here some other recommended readings and discussions.

Yep, just what I was looking for!!
Thanks so much, hits the nail tight on the head.
I didn’t know VPN’s really are not a very good thing.

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