Questions about installing an ISO in Qubes?

Ok, so I have two different questions the first and straight forward one is how I would go about installing an ISO such as parrot sec in Qubes? (Instructions?)
My next question has more to do with how qubes works and if I have the right idea. So what I was hoping I could do if this is the idea of Qubes. So I would install parrot lets say as an example. I am guessing I would create it as a template. So parrot is now installed. Now that parrot is installed I can basically open up multiple parrot disposable qubes to do different things correct. Each new disposable Qube is based of the initial one. So any changes that are made to the initial one will reflect in a new disposable qube and each one is isolated from each other and anything I do in the new disposables will not affect the initial qube that I set up? If I have the right idea thats great, if I am confused about how I think it should work to use in security reasons please inform me.

if you don’t need integration and install as standalonevm, install it just like a normal machine

depend on how it installed

note: dispvm is based on disposable template, not templatevm


Ok, so I really dont know how to go about installing it. Like if I was in a normal debian distro I would install virtualbox and start the ISO that way, but I have no idea how to do it in qubes. Are there instructions somewhere?
What is the difference between installing it and creating a template? Is installing it considered a Standalone? and creating a template would be integration? So if I want to be able to open up multiple instances of parrot if I have the right idea I would want to create a templatevm? Am I able to open up multiple disposable parrot instances based off of a templatevm or do I basically open parrot as a disposable like I would in virtualbox? Sorry if I am confusing you, cause it kind of is for me. I think I understand what I am talking about but just trying to make sure. If I want to set up parrot so it is there every time I boot and I want integration then I want to create a templatevm? I guess I am just kind of confused between the disposable and the templatevm. Am I able to open up multiple instances from a templatevm that can be just thrown away after I am done? and the disposables are just for things I just randomly want to do?

Ok, I found directions on installing parrot. You can disregard my last reply. With the exception of after creating a templatevm I can open multiple instances that can be thrown away correct?

where you find that instruction



yes, that because standalonevm can’t share it root file system to other qubes

with templatevm, you can do that
template → disposable template → disposable

you shouldn’t run anything in templatevm

almost true, although don’t play with xen virus in it

no problem, i can understand you although it make me a small headache

When you create a new standalone you have the option to select the iso
from which to install, in the Settings window.
Alternatively you can create the qube, and then start it like this:

If you want to create a template you do this by specifying like this:
qvm-create --class TemplateVM QUBE

We generally use “integration” to mean that a qube or template has
access to the usual Qubes tools. This can be done in a template or a

If you create a Parrot template, then you can create multiple qubes from
it - you can also create disposable parrot qubes. The way to do this is
to create a qube, and give it the "template_for_dispvms` property. You
cant create a disposable directly from a template. (Actually, if you
install the OS on xvda, then every qube you create from that template
will effectively be a disposable, but that’s an edge case.)

If you want a parrot template integrated with Qubes, which works like any
other template, I provide one at - I really
should update that.