Questions about different virtualization modes

Qubes, or Xen, has total of three virtualization modes: PVH, PV, HVM.

My first question is: what is their difference in security and usage standpoint?
My second question is: what is their usecase?
Like, if I have to use windows, its virtualization mode has to be HVM due to use its kernel (I am not sure), however, mirageOS (mirage-firewall), which uses unikernel, using PV mode instead of HVM. Then why? When should I use PV or HVM?

Here you can find some explanations:
\ Standalones and HVMs | Qubes OS
\ Qubes OS 4.0-rc1 has been released! | The Invisible Things (the second title)
\ QSB #37: Information leaks due to processor speculative execution bugs (XSA-254, Meltdown & Spectre) | Qubes OS

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Thanks @BEBF738VD!