[Question] Strange Fedora Update/Upgrade packages

Sorry all but this will be a noob question, and I hope it is appropriately placed in General Discussion.

I’m currently running Qubes OS on a pwned network (for certain), with presumably pwned hardware just to get a feel for it rather than an absolute need for security (as I’m expected to get compromised), but I’ve just had an update for a Fedora template I cloned come up and the packages were all referencing remote connections & keepassxc, listed below.

I’ve enabled updates over tor, and as I said I am on a pwned network with an expectation that i’ll get compromised eventually, but this update just seemed to refer to a bunch of remote connection type of packages which seems suspicious given the context I provided.

So is this normal? Is there a way to inspect the changes? If it is odd, is there a way to check what updates in other template VM’s I may have inadvertently accepted of this sort? If it isn’t odd at all, is there a reason all these related packages were requested to be updates simultaneously?

Thanks a bunch of the advice, and the other informative discussions around here I’ve learned from. Love Qubes and looking forward to learning a lot more about how to use it! :slight_smile:

gnome-control-center ------------- x86_64 40.9-1.fc34 5.5m
gnome-control-center-filesystem x86_64 40.9-1.fc34 11k
keepassxc --------------------------- x86_64 2.6.6-5.fc34 6.3m
perl-module-corelist ---------------- noarch 1:5.20220220-1.fc34 83k
perl-module-corelist-tools --------- noarch 1:5.20220220-1.fc34 18k
selinux-policy ------------------------ x86_64 34.26-1.fc34 63k
selinux-policy.targeted------------- noarch 34.26-1fc34 6.3m

Installating dependences:
freerdp-libs x86_64 2:2.5.0-1.fc34 998k
libvncserver - 0.9.13-10.fc34 300k
libwinpr - 40.2-2.fc34 95k

Installing weak dependencies:
gnome-remote-desktop x86_64 40.2-2.fc34

Install 4 Packages
Upgrade 7 Packages
Total size 20m
Download size 6.3m

To add, they all said they were from “updates” repo apart from ‘libvncserver’ which was from “fedora”

Looks like this has been duplicated by [Question] Strange dependencies update. Closing this one.