[Question] Quality of external USB audio device (DAC)

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

short version:
Can anyone tell me, if there are any limitation of the USB audio quality in QubesOS (Win10 VM)?

long version:
My situation: I have an Apple USB-C to 3.5mm DAC that I want to use with iTunes on a Windows 10 VM.
On a Linux VM I could just use an app called ‘Cider’ (speaks to Apple Music API), however it only supports a bitrate of 256kb/s…iTunes for Windows however, could play lossless audio (>= 1411kb/s).
Before testing it out, I’d like to ask if anyone else ever tried this, OR if you are aware of any technical limitations due to virtualization?
(playing FLAC / WAV files could be another way to test the usb audio quality)

One person in this forum had an issue with his built-in DAC and recommended to use an external device:

When I find time, I’ll definitely try it out myself. Until then I’d be more than happy if someone could share their thoughts/experience on this :sunglasses:

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There are known issues with audio in Windows qubes regardless of the device or accessories. Simple forum search would give you hints on this.

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Thanks, I did search in the forum, but didn’t use the right keywords.

Found this thread and your post: Using sys-audio for Windows audio - #10 by enmus

Have you experienced differences/limitations with audio from linux VMs using external audio devices?

Yes, there are other topics and post pointing to issues.

No, and yes. Because if I attach USB audio device (from the correspondent sys-usb) to the qube in which I want to hear audio, then everything is OK with Linux qubes, while in Windows qube it is the same as in the post you found.

But, if I use external USB audio device as general audio device for all qubes, then recently, probably starting from Qubes 4.1.1 latency became horrific - about 50 sec (yes, not ms), while under Qubes 4.1 it was zero.

That’s interesting…50 seconds is horribly long!
On my system, the Apple dongle gets recognized as standard audio output, instead of a USB device (couldn’t assign it to a specific VM, since it doesn’t show up in the usb device list).
So far the quality sounds great with no delays or anything. I have it plugged into a usb-c to usb-a adapter.

I don’t know which audio device you’re using, but to me it sounds like it could be a driver issue (?)

Haven’t setup a Windows VM yet…that’s the next todo on my list :slight_smile:
(Marked this as solved, since it works fine for me)