Question about updating rolling distors in unman

Why do you need to hold if you regularly unhold and upload?

This is a good question.

You set packages on hold to avoid them being deleted - this is important
in Qubes because you do not want any of the Qubes packages to be
This would not matter if you examined the proposed outcome of your
update action, and acted accordingly. Most users do not.
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Keeping Qubes packages on hold means that some of the base packages from
the distro may be held back.
When you removed the hold on the Qubes package, you can selectively
updated those packages and dependencies. This keeps your system up to
date with Qubes packages.
Then you restore the hold to make sure those packages are safe.

Doing this allows you to safely keep your templates up to date with Qubes
packages, while rolling with the distro.

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