Question about routing

Hi I’m brand new to this OS and was wondering how I go about following these instructions

“ route the NetVM to the FirewallVM. From there route the traffic to the VPN VM.”

Hi @AskingQuests ! Welcome to the community.

Could you provide more information on these instructions, like which guide are you following? This might help others understand your question and offer more targeted help.

From what I read, you are trying to setup an VPN qube. If I understand correctly, you can follow, especially look at the screenshot below Configure your AppVMs to use the new VM as a NetVM. That’s where you change the qube’s upstream.

So you should open the setting of your NetVM ( in this scenario I sincerely think it shouldn’t be sys-net but some other qube that you just configured ), and set Networking to FirewallVM. Then open the setting of your FirewallVM and set Networking to VPN VM.