Question about Qubes Android VMs


I have a simple question to anyone who managed to successfully setup an Android VM in Qubes: how performant is it? Are the animations smooth? If one makes Signal calls with it are they smooth?

A while ago I’ve set up an Android qube according to the instructions someone provided on the qubes-users mailing list (I think it’s this one).


  • you get an annoying double-mouse that only moves relative to your cursor when you click
  • no ‘seamless’ mode integration (since no-one developed it)

I haven’t tested signal calls.

But again, I did some years ago and things might have changed. You’ll find some other attempts at doing this on the mailing list archives.

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Anbox works through Whonix VM’s. Didn’t get internet working OOTB but I didn’t need nor troubleshoot it.

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