Question about edited posts

I was just writing an answer to a post and when I sent the answer it showed as “last edited on” followed by the time I sent the post. It looks like I made changes to an original post which wasn’t the case.

Is this some automatic process (something to do with converting a link or something similar? Any idea @deeplow?

Can you link to the post you were trying to edit so I have context?

I wasn’t trying to edit a post. I posted an answer and it showed as last edited on (…)

Ah. I see. In this case what happened was you quoted the previous post in full. In these cases discourse automatically removes the quote (since it’s just above).

So this was a timing issue. First you posted and then you opened the editor to change something. Meanwhile, discourse in the background remove that quote and then you were already editing an outdated version.

If you click in the :pencil2: (top-right corner of the post) you see @system edited your post w/ that exact reason.

This is an edge case and shouldn’t happen very often.

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Okay, thanks for the explanation and the hint with the edit history!
I didn’t edit anything but I sometimes quote a previous post so I will be more careful the next time.

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