Qubes's Hidden Feature

Hello all, recently I came across a very useful reference in one of the discussions that boots up a GUI Template Manager that allows you to see and download the OS repositories currently supported by Qubes:


I have a feeling that there are probably many of these hidden little gems in Qubes and was hoping to start a discussion listing some of them.

Apologies if there is already a discussion/reference like this, but I was unable to find one :slight_smile:


there also qvm-convert-pdf too

i changed the tile to make it more useful

Just to clarify, this is a R4.1 feature.

Here’s one. In any standard Debian VM, open a terminal and:

rawtopgm 512 512 < /dev/urandom | pnmtopng > random.png; open random.png

If you look very carefully, you can see the Qubes encryption mascot. A true hidden gem!



why would /dev/urandom produce any repeating pattern, let alone enough to reproduce a bunch of pixels in a specific way? Or am i missing something here.

We all have different senses of humor, I think…



Well it was either that or OP’s urandom was doing something very odd (and if that was the case, there could be questions around a security issue). So I personally err on the side of not using a made up security issue to make a random humour post posing as factual :wink:

/goes off grumbling about the posting guidelines


@Plexus Thank you for looking after my best interests. It was in fact just my quirky humor as @brendanhoar pointed out. I promise this will be my last pareidolic joke until at least April 1st. :slight_smile:

I like how these conversations often diverge off in unexpected directions :slight_smile:

There was a post I came across some time ago, not sure if it was here in the forums, in github or somewhere else, but the author was basically saying that a lot of the best features of Qubes are hidden in terminal commands.

He suggested and designed a large control panel with many of these features displayed via GUI, it seemed pretty good when I skimmed over it back then, but for the life of me I cannot find the post again…

Perhaps this could be relevant: "Now You're Thinking with Qubes".

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I would be very careful NOT to immediately try every submission. A mean spirited reply could brick your system.

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Okay, thanks guys