QubesOS USB boot screen looks broken

I downloaded and verified the qubesos 4.0.4 iso file and then put it into my usb with the dd command.

When I boot using the usb on my thinkpad x220 i5-2520M (coreboot) machine, I get following visually broken screen:

Any significance to this bug? Why am I getting such a borked boot screen? This state of the boot screen persisted even after trying three other freshly created boot usb devices.

how do you make installation media? if you want you can search for “grub2 broken theme”.
what if you proceed to install qubes? is there something wrong ?

$ sudo dd if=/path/to/iso/file of=/path/to/usb/device status=progress && sync

I can proceed to install qubes os, and the installer walks me through the user creation, time and date selection, etc., screens, as it should.

So, not much error once I get past the borked boot screen.

I am curious about why I am getting the broken visuals in the boot screen, though. As I believe this is something that shouldn’t be.

What happen if you add 1 MiB bytes option when copy iso ?

Initially I used the same recommended command for creating the boot usb, as given in the installation guide. That includes a bs=1048576 flag. Using such a flag didn’t solve the problem. I still got the broken boot screen as in the screenshot above.

hmm, i think there’s a problem with your coreboot configuration, but i’m not sure.


When GRUB is built for coreboot it looks for its runtime configuration in the file etc/grub.cfg within the CBFS. If this is missing it will provide a limited console only.

The file is an ordinary GRUB configuration file as specified in its documentation. It specifies menu entries and allows for quite some scripting.

Well, I followed this coreboot installation guide (including me_cleaner part): GitHub - michaelmob/x220-coreboot-guide: Supplemental text guide with commands for corebooting an X220.

The installation process during the coreboot went smoothly, I didn’t get any errors during the coreboot installation process.

Thus I am not sure what can be wrong with coreboot.