Hi, for a long time i did have a problem with EFI partition, beacuse it was created by windows (i have windows and Qubes OS installed) and its just 100MB in size and i had errors with installing Dom0 updates beacuse it needed more space, so today i decited to shrink my C disk partition and give it to a EFI partition and after some research i also deleted 16MB MSR (Microsoft reserved partition) and after all of this Windows works just fine and no problem buy i have problem with my QubesOS beacuse after i insert my disk encryption password it just shows a black screen with a text that says that i’m in emergency mode. Is there something i can do?

It seems that your EFI System partition UUID was changed after resizing and Qubes OS is looking for old partition UUID.
You can boot from gparted Live and change the EFI System partition UUID to the old value:

sudo mlabel -N 5AE89EB7 -i /dev/sda1 ::

Or you can try to change the EFI System partition UUID to the new one in Qubes OS GRUB config.

Thanks soo much, it fixed the problem