QubesOS on Lenovo X1 Gen 8 and ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C Hub


I’m trying to use a ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C (Which I think uses Thunderbolt over USB-C) with QubesOS.

Link to hub: https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/home-office/TP-Hybrid-USB-C-Dock-US/p/40AF0135US

I’ve managed to get everything working, except the DisplayPort ports the Hub provides. Upon further research I’ve found out that the DP ports are managed by something called DisplayLink, and I managed to get that installed onto dom0.

sudo systemctl status displaylink shows that everything is running and green. However, xrandr still doesnt see the connected DPs.

I had to attach the USB port to Dom0 (by removing sys-usb) to get this to work. The terrifying downside of this is that all the other ports and the network all plug directly into dom0.

Hi aaomidi,

that sounds like a display connection over usb. Some external portable monitors also use this. e.g. Acer, HP etc.

So i guess it is not a thunderbolt dock? Because thunderbolt can act as a normal displayport so normaly you don’t have to install DisplayLink drivers.

Is there an option in your BIOS ? On my HP i changed the thunderbolt ports to normal usb-c and Displayport in the BIOS.

Maybe it helps :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if that helps, but on my Lenovo X1 Gen 6, connecting USB-C -> DP hub and then a display via DP works flawlessly. Even with USB controllers in sys-usb (the actual USB does not work on those USB-C ports).

Hey there,

I did exactly the same. But how then do you make appear devices into appVMs ?
That’s my now my main issue.