QubesOS has frozen

I had a topic about DNS and Ethernet detach/attach, and I was asking even from PFSense, and they said that and are not verified for certificates I was not sure if I should put the URL,

The website is not displayed, even though it is allowed on the PFSense side. | Netgate Forum 1700367724944

This one is actually verified.

So I changed the DNS address on the PFSense side to and and I was able to communicate again without problems, but now my PC freezes. I waited for about 10 minutes and it didn’t get better, so I pressed and held the power button to force a shutdown, but I’m wondering if the dom0 has been hacked, both in terms of the DNS issue and the freezing (I don’t communicate(but apt install i used) with the template and I don’t touch the dom0 nearly as much).

Perhaps others are perfectly fine with the default nameserver settings, but is there somewhere I can get a log of the freeze, etc.? However, after booting and putting in the password for the disk, I think I got a message saying something about USB (I’ve been given a device that QubesOS won’t run without USB).

Your Qubes OS freeze shouldn’t be related to DNS settings.
You can check the logs in dom0 terminal to search for the reason of the freeze:
sudo journalctl

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Thanks. I entered the command and logged the 19th when the problem occurred. There seems to be a lot of EXCEPTION errors of some sort.

freeze.log (57.0 KB)

Aug 19 23:22:09

Are you sure that you’ve copied the correct part of log? It seems to me that it’s an old part of log and it seems to be shutdown correctly and not with hard reset.
Check the log from the end of file to the date and time when your Qubes OS froze.

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Ah! I was too unfamiliar with the English month and made a mistake - I extracted the error log as of Nov 19. Hopefully this will tell you something…

fr.log (106.2 KB)

I don’t see any freeze on Nov 19, maybe you had it on Nov 18 in the log because of system timezone?

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Extracted Nov18 logs. Hmmm nothing happened…

nov18.log (106.6 KB)

I think it might be better to get logs based on boot time. In dom0, do journalctl --list-boot, check the dates in “first entry”, take note of the IDX and then run journalctl -b <IDX> > boot.log

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Sorry, I was busy around this time of year and it is possible that the freeze was on a date other than the one I posted, I had 7 boots on the 15th, so this would be the one where I had to reboot many times due to DNS issues. The next time it was booted was at 6:42:03 on 11-17, so this may be the date.

So the DX BOOT ID is the time when the switch button was pressed to boot or the screen came on after rebooting? If so, the problem occurred between 2023-11-15 17:44:11 and 2023-11-17 06:42:03.

11-15last.log (435.3 KB)

journalctl -b -2 > 11-15last.log

Extracted in.

Seems to be some problem with suspend:

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Thanks. I can’t read the logs completely, but yes, I always put QubesOS in suspend mode and went to bed, so it may have been something wrong with it as it kept doing that.

As I recall, the screen behaved in such a way that it went off once and then came back on. Also, at this time, they were trying to start the task manager in windows, but I did not know the shortcut key for this, so I will try to start the task manager next time (TTY (Ctrl + Alt + F2)).

So, if I can start the task manager, I will try to hit some commands to collect the logs immediately, but I would like to know if there is something better.

I don’t know of a better way.
If the issue happens again you can collect the logs and post them in the existing github issue if it looks to be the same as your own or create a new one so Qubes OS developers can look into it.

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Thank you. If the same problem recurs again, I will report the situation and error to the github issue above.