QubesOS 4.2-RC4 Template updates over Tor setting doesn't seem to stick

During the fresh install of QubesOS 4.2-RC4, I enabled “Use Tor for all updates”–can’t remember the exact phrasing, however, I enabled the setting during the install screen that were promising me that all the system update connections (dom0, templates, etc) would be routed through the Tor network.

Now, after the install completes, I am seeing in my Qubes Global Config window, dom0 updates proxy is correctly set:


However, for the other templates (debian-12-xfce, and some other non-whonix templates), I see the update proxy is not sys-whonix:

Is this a bug with the installer? If I want ALL my template update connections to go through Tor network, should I change the “Default update proxy” to “sys-whonix”, as well?


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