QubesOS 4.1 Signed Weekly Builds

this can happen because some software counts kilo, mega, gigabytes by multiples of 1000, other 1024, and it can also vary depending on the blocksizes of the filesystem the file is stored on.

either way, it is always good to check via pgp signatures, or at least checksums like sha256 or sha512, e.g. sha256sum Qubes-20210904-kernel-latest-x86_64.iso

Due to latest outage (NOTSET's services status - #7 by fepitre), I’ve uploaded latest signatures and logs for ISOs being available on openQA at Index of /~fpierret/.

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@fepitre is it possible to have a similar setup for 4.2? Some users are interested in testing with an already built ISO.


Yes, this is in the pipe.


We have integrated and added kernel-latest by default into Qubes OS ISO (see Latest kernel in ISO · Issue #5900 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub). There is no need to have separate ISO flavor for kernel-latest now.


hey! I am modifying qubes-builderv2 to run Xen 14.7rc and a fedora-37 for dom0.
Wanna test it?
Try build script once we are done?

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Is the signing key signed by the qubes master signing key?

No and you could check that on your own :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
It would be nice then if it could be added to the GPG keys of Qubes Security Pack on Github so we’d have another place to verify it from.

@Scumbag I think this is purposefully separate from the official releases and for practical reasons has a lower requirements of release security.

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I have unpinned this topic. If it is needed to be pinned at any other point in time, let me know. (for example, to encourage users to test 4.2).

@fepitre Any news on this?
Following the post:

It would be nice to be able to test this easily (while as you know, detached signed ISOs facilitates integrity+authenticity).

Downloading https://openqa.qubes-os.org/tests/55506/asset/iso/Qubes-202212113-4.2-x86_64.iso now but would be better if iso and iso.asc were accessible from

Still not finished, we are still debugging new 4.2 with dom0 being Fedora 37. We had an unexpected series of issues with installer and other stuff that took us more time than expected. I’ve setup weekly builds for 4.2 already and there exist some ISO uploaded to openqa by @marmarek. Next run is on Thursday so I would announce it.

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Just dropping here a link to the 4.2 signed weekly builds.