Building a Qubes ISO with Fedora 37 in Dom0

Have done a search and can’t find instructions on this, qubes-builder by default pulls from a qubes RPM repo which has fc versions 28-32. Does everything (except gcc) need to be built from source?

Would be useful if the answer could be added to here

FC32 was out nearly 3 years ago and those with more modern hardware (or wanting a newer KDE/Plasma) will likely want modern packages/firmware/power management in Dom0.

Just a note. A 4.2 build using Fedora 37 is being made: QubesOS 4.1 Signed Weekly Builds - #39 by fepitre

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That’s helpful, but this will be for prod so I can’t be running bleeding edge of the Qubes tools
Whereas FC 37 (or 36) would be nice to get the advantage of better hw support etc.

(should also mention this is a KDE build and I’m doing some stuff in Kickstarter too, so the weeklies aren’t necessarily as useful to me as the recipe to build from packages). Compiling everything from source would be…time consuming.

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This is mostly kernel-related, so if you run kernel-latest, you’ll get as good hardware support as fc37.

Marmarek recently upgraded builerv2 to fc37 dom0. Maybe you can give it a try.

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Thanks for this reply, I’m running kernel-latest but S3 suspend doesn’t work in Qubes 4.1 fc32 but does work on a stock Fedora 37 LiveUSB, haven’t figured out the difference yet so thought it would be simpler to upgrade dom0.

The main difference here is whether there’s Xen between linux kernel and your hardware.

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That’s helpful, I’ll go looking for answers upstream in Xen