QubesOS 4.1 post-installation initial setup hangs at "Executing qubes configuration"

As you can see in the picture below, the setup process hangs there. I have been waiting on this screen for 30 minutes. The processor light isn’t blinking, and the mouse cursor is non-responsive. I have had to hard-shutdown the computer.

Why does this occur? This happened again when I installed v.4.0, too.
Is this an error that might blow up my OS’ working down the line?

Machine: Thinkpad X220-i52520M, 16GB RAM.

That part of the Qubes OS installation usually can take quite a while. I would suggest leaving the computer running in the background during this part (in a secure physical location) and coming back to it later. Also, do you have a HDD, or SATA SSD?


I have an SSD. Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB.

Hey, you were right! I tried installing qubes os 4.1 from scratch and left my computer in my room connected to the power outlet. And when I came back after 45 minutes or so, the post install setup was completed and I was ready to log in to my system.

Thanks for the suggestion!