Qubes won't start sys-net

Yesterday, I just installed the latest version of Qubes (when I booted up, I chose to install with the latest kernel).

Once I log in, for some reason, I wasn’t immediately able to scan and connect to a network so I tried to start sys-net but got an error message. See the attached image below.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Check the sys-net-dm log in dom0 file:
Or you can see this log using Qubes Manager.

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I just found the log but now how do I transfer it to a USB drive?

What’s your hardware? (not related to the USB question) Maybe it’s missing features to run virtual machines in Xen, and that’s why you couldn’t start anything.

I’m using a T440p with an i7-4800MQ and I actually got it to run Qubes properly before. I think I’ll just try to reinstall Qubes.

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I reinstalled it and the network manager is working now.

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