Qubes won’t start - not enough disk space

Hi there.
You can check yourself too.
~ du -hs qubes-2022-*
and check if it’s the size of expected file, then archive or delete it.

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That’s correct. As suggested above you can check its size with:

$ du -hs qubes-2022-11-08T112825

If you want to save that file somewhere, plug in an external usb drive (or whatever mean of storage) and move it.

$ mkdir -p /media/storage
$ mount /dev/<ext-storage> /media/storage
$ mv /mnt/home/Rakim-44/qubes-2022-11-08T112825 /media/storage
$ umount /media/storage

Otherwise, if you don’t care, remove it:

$ rm -f /mnt/home/Rakim-44/qubes-2022-11-08T112825

Hello @BEBF738VD thank you so much for guiding me through this you’ve been a great help.

No worries, please select my post as answer so it can help others too.

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Hello @BEBF738VD; another question for you and the team on here. In this thread I’m responding to you said ‘feel free to truncate the UUIDs’ being a noob I didn’t understand and posted the picture with UUIDs; can you explain the implications, can they be used in an attack?

No, they’re just disk identifiers. I thought you were gonna type them which wasn’t necessary for the troubleshooting.


Hi there, just found your solution afyter having the exact same problem but not finding any solution (and even finding somepost here with people giving up). For me the data was so valuable that it was not possible to renounce. Thanks @BEBF738VD

So after some trouble finding how to access the shell, I ran now with a doubt to how it is the best way to restore. I have tried both cp and rsync with --preserve (-a for rsync) option to keep atributes intact but while progresing it shows error “…failed to preserve ownership for ‘’ : Operation not permited” for like all files.
Do you know if that could be relevant later on?

And having this files to restore I would only have to create a new vm in dom0 after restoration and mv the files there? I suppose some configuration will be lost, right? (I’m worried for data stored in some programs like a wallet or snap)

So much thanks.

Depending on the file, you may have to fix the perms later.

Yes, you could do that. Just make sure not to expose dom0 and attach the usb drive to the vm.

Again, it depends. Usually it should be fairly trivial to export configuration files stored in the home dir (like a wallet). For snap packages, you could try setting up bind dirs first (I made a tutorial on this specific issue), then copying the existing files. Maybe that’ll work.

Ok, so I will try to restore and see what works and what not.

Ohhh, right… So changes made to dom0 will be lost, right? I was thinking of trying to see if the failed backup could be of use for some of the vms (I was thinking dom0 specifically) but I understand it is not recommended.

Also, knowing this I think I will try just to do with mv as mentioned. I think I will have to take care about vm with templates with outdated OSes (I had to migrate my work vm to debian-11, but decide to do it after the backup).
I will look your tutorial about bind dirs. I have searched a little about it (you appear in a few regarding this) and it is an advanced topic that will need time. Thanks for your help to the community!!

Personally, I wouldn’t risk it, I’d just redo it. Up to you with what you trust though.

Cheers mate!