Qubes won’t start - not enough disk space

Hi there.
You can check yourself too.
~ du -hs qubes-2022-*
and check if it’s the size of expected file, then archive or delete it.

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That’s correct. As suggested above you can check its size with:

$ du -hs qubes-2022-11-08T112825

If you want to save that file somewhere, plug in an external usb drive (or whatever mean of storage) and move it.

$ mkdir -p /media/storage
$ mount /dev/<ext-storage> /media/storage
$ mv /mnt/home/Rakim-44/qubes-2022-11-08T112825 /media/storage
$ umount /media/storage

Otherwise, if you don’t care, remove it:

$ rm -f /mnt/home/Rakim-44/qubes-2022-11-08T112825
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Hello @BEBF738VD thank you so much for guiding me through this you’ve been a great help.

No worries, please select my post as answer so it can help others too.

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