Qubes wins MOSS Mission Partners award!

We’re proud to announce that the Qubes OS Project has won a Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) award in the amount of 128,000 USD. This generous one-year award will fund the work of Frédéric Pierret on making Qubes more robust and stable, as well as several key parts of Nina Alter’s extensive work on making Qubes more user-friendly.

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Could some of these resources go toward making Qubes run on recent AMD APUs?

Having only one monopolist CPU vendor to choose from is a robustness issue.

I agree with that good idea. Qubes users and potential Qubes users who want to use recent CPU’s are probably also more interested in using AMD than Intel because of the high number of Intel CPU vulnerabilities, not to mention the outstanding performance/price of recent AMD CPU’s.

My understanding is that all funds from this award are already allocated as described above.