Qubes Windows Tools: No QubesIncoming as Domain User

I installed Qubes Windows Tools on an HVM and then added it to a windows AD domain.

When logged in as a domain user (more specific. a domain admin), sending files to my hvm from other AppVMs does not work. More specific:

  • I do not receive an error message from dom0 or the sending AppVM when moving/copying
  • There is no QubesIncoming folder created for my domain user

How can find my files? How can I make sure they end up in a QubesIncoming folder for my user?

PS: If you stumbled upon this because you have the same/similar problem, my other post regarding QWT context menu for domain users may also be of interest to you.

I was able answer part of my question:

The files end up in


What in your question is still outstanding? Did you find the folder but files are not appearing in the folder?

I believe that it would help to ask yourself what default user you choose when installing QWT?

That looks like a bug

When I’m logged in as administrator, no QubesIncoming folder is created in it’s folder when the default user is user. I thought it was by design. good to know it’s a bug.

I cannot even remember the Installer prompting me for a user. What components would I want to reinstall? Last time I reinstalled the tools I managed mess up my install pretty good (not blaming the tools here)

I did find the folder and the files are in there. The folder is just not where I would expect it to be (in the user directory) and I wonder how to fix that.

In dom0, run: qvm-prefs <VMname> default_user <username>

For username, you will probably need to specify Administrator.DOMAIN if the local administrator name is also Administrator. You can check the profile folder in \Users to see what it should be.