Qubes Windows Tools broken RPC service and clipboard sharing


I have recently been trying to get QWT installed and working (particularly to enable clipboard sharing) on Windows 10 using Qubes 4.1. I have tried both manually creating my qube from a Win10 ISO, as well as using the Qvm-Create-Windows-Qube command.

In both cases, I am unable to get clipboard sharing to work. After installing QWT and XEN drivers and setting the “rpc-clipboard” qvm-feature to 1, I boot into Windows 10 without issues, however the clipboard cannot be shared outside of the qube. Checking on the Qubes RPC service, it will always be set to run “Automatically” but is never running. If I try to manually start it, there are two things that may happen:

  1. I get an error 1067: process unexpectedly exitted
  2. A BSOD

Does anyone here have experience dealing with broken clipboard sharing with QWT?