Qubes whonix template don`t wark

Hello everybody
I want to install software, use Qubes whonix template. But, this is not connect internet(Tor). I set Qube setting about [net cube] = sis firewall, [firewall rules]=limit out going connections, and [allow full access for] checked,. Both warkstation template and gateway template.
what should I do? For connect internet use Qubes whonix template.
Please advice!!

Where did you change the firewall rules and what’s the status of it (limited or allowed)?
What is the net qube of sys-whonix?
Also, you should not touch the templates settings at all. You only need to start them if you want to install additional applications.

To be explicit - there is never a case where you need to put a template
Qubes uses a proxy mechanism which allows templates to update, and
install software, without being network connected. This is explained in
the documentation


Thank you fast replay. Actually I want use Tor at whonix template. just it . And this is not work. Fedora 36 work in that case. But whonix template said [Error Do not run Tor Browser in tempkate}.
I need only template`s terminal for install software ?

Why do you want to use network and Tor Browser in template? What do you want to achieve?

I want to download software in whonix template. According to site that I saw this is best way.
Actually, I only know this install way.
sorry, late reply.

So you want to install some software that is not installed using default apt repositories but some other way?
Can you say which software is it?
In general, you can access internet from your template using proxy like this:

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sorry late response. And, thank you so match your kindness. But, I just only know that install way. And whonix template not compatible this way.
In addition, I think It seems so difficult to me. I am beginner .
Hmm, I should try search easy and simply way.