Qubes wan't boot, drive UUID changed

After a CPU change the NVME drive UUIDs changed.
I am now seeing an error when trying to boot the system:

Keyboard stopped working too!

Please help, what should I do?
Rebuild initramfs? Boot into liveUSB, and try to chroot into the system for the initramfs rebuild? Or anything else to fix the system?

If you didn’t clone your disk on another one and used your old disk then your UUIDs shouldn’t have changed.
There should be some other issue.
Check the rdsosreport.txt log for errors or failures.
Or you can upload it here so others can check it.

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Can’t show the rdsosreport.txt log, even the ps/2 keyboard doesn’t work.

Booted from Qubes usb today in troubleshooting mode. Successfully did a chroot into my system and recreated new initramd and vmlinuz. That didn’t help.

Also, disabled quiet boot mode in kernel parameters. This errors appears at boot time:

I made a fresh backup, tomorrow I’m gonna have try to reinstall Qubes OS.

And these errors at the boot final:

What exactly did your change? Did you just changed the CPU or maybe motherboard and other hardware as well? Maybe you’ve updated BIOS?

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I just changed the CPU (from Ryzen 4750 to 3700). I did not update BIOS, or install/remove something.

Others had problems with nvme disks if the storage mode in BIOS was set to RAID and when they changed it to AHCI it worked for them. But in your case if you didn’t change anything in BIOS this shouldn’t be a problem.

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The problem NVME QID timeout, completion polled is CPU related. It also appeared when trying to install the system again. This problem is present only in release 4.1, in release candidate 4.2 this problem is not present, the processor is fully functional.