Qubes-vpn-support on Debian 11 minimal: required packages

I now have Qubes-vpn-support with Wireguard working from a Debian 11 minimal template but I’m not able to get the LINK IS UP popup which works for me on a full template. Does anybody know what packages I need to add to get that popup working?

Additionally it would be nice to have a definitive list of all the packages needed on top of Debian 11 minimal to get Qubes-vpn-support working. I installed a number of things based on the minimal template documentation which was very helpful, but perhaps I added some unnecessary ones.

Thanks to @tasket and many others for the wonderful contributions on VPN support in Qubes.

if you’re using xfce, try installing xfce4-notifyd

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That was it! Thanks very much.

I have a guide here, which details the bare minimum packages and also how to properly setup a DisposableVM to save your configuration files if you wish.