Qubes v4.2 - Testing deployment in a qube

I just ran the latest build from the testing repo in a qube. There was an error message, but it was non-critical. If anyone wants to keep an eye on the latest 4.2 changes, give it a try!

I’m thinking about installing 4.2, but I have a few questions:

  • Can 4.2 be installed in a production environment, or should I only use 4.2 in a test environment?
  • What changes did you notice between 4.1 and 4.2?
  • How would you rate the stability of using version 4.2? Do you use 4.2 on a daily basis?
  • Do all the functions of the device (e.g. audio, hdmi, etc.) work for you?
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v4.2 should NOT be used in a production environment.

Install the last stable version - 4.1.2.

Once that’s installed if you want a preview of the new features, you can install 4.2 inside of a qube (in v4.1) to check out the constant progress for yourself.

Have using qubes 4.2 since early. i can say its stable, more hardware support, etc. perhaps only the debian aren’t ready. but everything is good, i can guarantee that, the thing i notice is, it’s boot faster than 4.1 xD

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Just tried the latest 4.2, but it won’t permit WiFi access (permission denied). WiFi functionality appears fine as it sees networks. Just can’t write to the drive (using disposable sys-net and sudo not setup during install).

I also noticed the qubes.InputKeyboard file automatically connects a USB keyboard, so I checked my other computer with 4.1 and it is setup the same as well (neither computer use a USB keyboard).

I do like the new look for 4.2.

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what you mean by wifi access won’t permit in sys-net disp vm ? i use sys-net sys-mirage sys-vpn on disp vm, everything is good.

I keep trying to download the latest weekly build from here:
but the download keeps failing. Do I have the right link?

It works for me, but I didn’t try to download the full ISO. On what stage is it failing? Maybe it’s because of a bad network connection on your side (if you’re using Tor for example)?

Oh, I’m sorry. The download was failing because my appvm was running out of disk space. I have the ISO now. I’ll report back once I try it. Thanks.

When I select a network to connect, any network, it shows an error that it tried to make a file (including the network name), but permission denied. Never get a chance to logon. This is with the most recent ISO.

I plan to try R4.2 again, so if it happens on a later build I’ll write down the precise error and file name path. And post.

Maybe it’s a new bug, I’ve tested older build Qubes-4.2.202304291601-x86_64.iso and I could connect without problem.
I guess that it can’t write a NetworkManager config in /rw/config/NM-system-connections/<connection name>.nmconnection for some reason.

Yes! That was it.

i have an up to date qubes 4.2. now using kernel 6.3 still haven’t a problem with it, perhaps because of the template ? i use fedora on all vm

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Wifi works out of the box now which is an improvement, but my touchpad doesn’t work any more. It worked on the stable release. I have to use a USB mouse now.

Did you use particular settings to let 4.2 run ? What can you test inside, only dom0 ?
Can you run PV, PVH, HVM qubes ? Is the network working ?

Yea, only test dom0 and get the networking online.

Theoretically if you have enough ram then you may be able to run a VM inside of another VM, but from a security standpoint this may not be ideal.

I used 30GB of hard drive, 8GB of ram, and bumped the virtual CPUs to 4 (even though this may not make a difference)