[qubes-users] X11 only works by manually typing startx in tty

I have a Kali HVM that was working fine until I installed a few of qubes core packages on it. I installed qubes-usb-proxy, qubes-core-qrexec, qube-core-agent. It required a few more qubes packages as dependencies like qubesdb.etc… The installation was successful and I double checked that qrexec, core-agent daemons were successfully running. So everything was good so far. And I was able to attach usb devices to HVM, copy to other Vm from HVM…etc… But something got messed up in Xorg-server. I’m not sure what exactly happened. Now every time I boot into the HVM, I have to login through tty first then type “startx” for xinit to pull up the desktop environment. I already tested with a few different DE, gdm, lightdm. They all worked when I typed startx. So it’s not the DE. it’s something in xorg. This is my Xorg.0.log. I noticed it says glamor failed. but I failed to fix that. Any help is really appreciated .

(Attachment Xorg.0.log is missing)

The solution was to symlink default.target to graphical.target. So it was to do
“systemctl set-default graphical.target”
deleting the existing default.target in /etc/systemd/system/default.target and reboot. It was symlinked to the wrong target.