[qubes-users] Whonix/dom0 broken

System Qubes(R4.0)
My whonix 16 randomly stopped working. I tried clicking on the apps but they won’t open.
My attempts to fix it

  1. Update through qubes manger= failed and I can’t open any whonix 16 app including the terminal

  2. Install whonix 17= “qvm-template command not found” yes I updated dom0

  3. Upgrade to qubes R4.2
    The postintstall stops after creating the recovery template

I still have my whonix 15 templates. Can I install 17 from there and is there a way to extract my whonix 16 files? I want to avoid doing a clean install because it was a headache setting everything up but if it’s my only option so be it.