[qubes-users] Whonix 16 approaching EOL

Dear Qubes Community,

Whonix 16 is currently [scheduled](Whonix - Overview) to reach EOL (end-of-life) on 2024-01-18. We strongly recommend that all Whonix users upgrade to Whonix 17 before then. For more information, see [Upgrading to avoid EOL](How to update | Qubes OS). Please note that Whonix 17 is available only on Qubes OS 4.2.

There are three ways to upgrade to Whonix 17:

- *Recommended*: Perform a [clean installation](Installation guide | Qubes OS) of [Qubes OS 4.2.0](Qubes OS 4.2.0 has been released! | Qubes OS), which comes with Whonix 17 templates preinstalled (if selected during installation).

- *Recommended*: [Install fresh Whonix templates to replace the existing ones.](How-to: Install Qubes-Whonix) After you install the new templates, redo all desired template modifications and [switch everything that was set to the old templates to the new templates](Templates | Qubes OS).

- *Advanced*: Perform an [in-place upgrade from Whonix 16 to Whonix 17](Release Upgrade Whonix 16 to Whonix 17). This option will preserve any modifications you've made to the templates, *but it may be more complicated for less experienced users.*

This announcement is also available on the Qubes website:

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