[qubes-users] VPN tasket on Qubes 4.2

Does anyone have the VPN running through the srcipt from tasket? Were there any changes in the 4.2 that can prevent it to run?

I can get the VPN running from within the vpn proxy (I know it is not recommended) and firefox shows it exits from the proper IP address. But the AppVM connected to the VPN proxy cannot get any internet connection. Yes the VPN proxy has the Provides Network ticked.

Also the VPN starts only if I execute sudo openvpn --cd /rw/config/vpn --config vpn-client.conf --auth-user-pass mullvad_userpass.txt

Otherwise I get just the normal direct connection without the VPN.

Do you have any recommendation how to solve that?

Thanks a lot in advance guys.

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Do you have any recommendation how to solve that?

I just use a simplified version of

  Using Mullvad VPN on Qubes OS | PrivSec - A practical approach to Privacy and Security

to run the Mullvad GUI directly. Going by the time stamp on my note
file, it has been working very reliably for most of a year now, at