[qubes-users] Using the second os on the (dual-booted) system as a VM

I want to try creating maybe a standalone VM that would mount a partition on my hard drive which has a seperate os installed on it as its root, and use that as a VM. Effectively that would let you use the second OS you have installed on a computer besides Qubes as a VM in qubes. I searched around the web to see if someone has done it, but couldn’t find anything.

I’d be very thankful for any help or advice regarding that, will post some updates after I actually try it.

I'm surprised you couldn't find anything on this.
You want to create a block device using the other partition and use it
in place of the standalone root.
You can customise the standalone definition or do some jiggery pokery
to get it running.
I hacked about with this and will look out my notes.

Would love to see the notes. And yeah thats more or less what i thought of doing too.