[qubes-users] Updating templates via salt (update.qubes-vm) doesn't work


I am trying to learn more about SALT in Qubes OS. In the past I have written my setup scripts to setup “my qubes” from a fresh installation, now I’d like to use SALT for it.

I have installed a default Qubes on which the sys-vms are based on the fedora-32 template.

If I enter in dom0:

sudo qubesctl --targets fedora-32 update.qubes-vm

… which should update the template …I get the following error:

‘update.qubes-vm’ is not available.
DOM0 configuration failed, not working

Any idea what went wrong?


By default, qubesctl will act on dom0.
You've referenced a state, but need to apply it.

sudo qubesctl --show-output --skip-dom0 --targets fedora-32 state.apply update.qubes-vm

I have a basic introduction at GitHub - unman/notes in the
salt folder.