[qubes-users] Update problem with a 'debian-12-minimal' based template

Hello community,

I’ve started to update my Debian-based VMs from 11 to 12.

As part of this exercise, I also switched from ‘debian-11’ to ‘debian-12-minimal’ as the initial template to clone from.

In general I’m quite happy with the results in one working Test-VM. - However, when the system tries to update the new template, I consistently get the following error:

Updating debian-12-vrsq

Error on updating debian-12-vrsq: Command ‘[‘sudo’, ‘qubesctl’, ‘–skip-dom0’, ‘–targets=debian-12-vrsq’, ‘–show-output’, ‘state.sls’, ‘update.qubes-vm’]’ returned non-zero exit status 20.

It sounds like you might be hitting this bug:

Hello Andrew

Hello Andrew,