[qubes-users] Tsurugi on Qubes

Hi Everyone
Has anyone had any luck with installing Tsurugi (https://tsurugi-linux.org/index.php) on Qubes?



Yes, I have it as an HVM Template, so I can spin up disposable
instances at will.

Installation was quite straightforward. Standard HVM, with 40GB
allocated to system disks and 4GB RAM. Boot the live image and then
select to install to /dev/xvda.
Once installation completes, restart the HVM. I set the network details
manually, and did a standard "vesa" config for X. (This is in the docs
under linux-hvm-tips)

Since it's based on Ubuntu, you can install qubes packages to provide
some level of interaction with other qubes - qvm-copy, qvm-open etc.

I have a normal template too, which I may be able to post if you are
interested. Somewhat hampered by the fact that Tsurugi don't provide (as
yet) full build details, which is odd.