[qubes-users] sys-net problems Intel 8265 / 8275

I have an build-in Intel 8265 / 8275 wireless controller, and my
(debian-10-minimal based) sys-net has more and more problems to connect.
It starts to connect and then hangs. That is strange since it used to
run perfectly 2 years ago. But now it takes 1-5 minutes, sometime a
qvm-kill forced reboot (I use the std config with wpa_supplicant).
Usually 5Ghz networks do never finish the connection.

Do you have some hints how I could try to improve that? Best, Bernhard

Wi-Fi needs drivers and microcode. This might be source of some troubles. Have you tried non-minimal template or Fedora template?


Yes, to my knowledge firmware-iwlwifi in debian, and that is installed &
up to date. The same template did work, long while ago. It seems to have
"degraded through updates", even if that sounds not plausible.


So here is something strange. Intel suggests on its webpage

to install iwlwifi-8265-ucode-22.361476.0 but my debian-10 has another
version installed, namely


That is very unusual: debian has a newer version than Intel ?? I am lost
now. Should I downgrade manually?? Best

This looks cumbersome, but I have a similar situation with my Wi-Fi card and Fedora template. However, the Intel webpage also links kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git - Repository of firmware blobs for use with the Linux kernel (see the note above the table) as a source for newer versions.

I remember some issues with Wi-Fi in a minimal template (not sure if Debian or Fedora). Finally, I concluded it was not worth the hassle. This is the reason why I suggest trying some other template, even if it is not the preferred solution in long-term.

Vít Šesták ‘v6ak’

See what "journalctl -f" outputs in net-vm.
You could also try (in net-vm)
"watch iwconfig wlan0"
"watch ip route show"

Then report back some more details :wink:

that gave an error message that helped to understand that seemingly
mac-randomization-while-scanning and OpenWRT are a bad mixture ... I
deactivated it to test - and now it works. I guess that the
randomisation is a good thing as such, so I have to improve OpenWRT ?!

best, Bernhard