[qubes-users] Subscribed But Gmail - This Is Absurd!

The point is not about being worried over NSA spying, but actually, not supporting companies that have given in to the NSA and showing our support by using their services as if it's business as usual and everything is ok, because it's not!

Google might do a lot of things at a so called Open Source level, but they've also crossed the line at many levels wrongly, and anyone that knows Google's history should know what I'm talking about with any further explaination...

People who truly know Google don't support it, that's all there is to it, and this project should have nothing to do with any of their services.

And last, ask yourself this one question, which side of the fence would you stand on, for the 'Free Software Foundation' or Google? Yes I know Richard Stallman might be pretty damm extreme, but at least his ideas and words better serve the world of Open Source than Google ever will. Google is just a corporation like any other, only after what best serves their own interests!

And no I'm not some big advocate or supporter of the FSF, my point is at least they stand more on the side of the interests of the Open Source community than Google has ever done, and they certainly would not roll over to the NSA either, this is all I'm trying to point out! At least they are trying to respect our rights and freedom in the world of software, Google is not!

Any self respecting 'Open Sourced Geek' that does not sell himself out does not stand on the Google side of the fence! Even using Google Code I think is pathetic when there's GIT..

This is not fantasy people, don't you realize that MS & Google would destroy Open Source if they had a chance and it better served their interests, and then we stand here as an Open Source Community using their services and supporting them, that's just sad...