[qubes-users] Subscribed But Gmail - This Is Absurd!

I’m in total agreement with Mail Box here and I’m ditching Gmail and all of Google too!

Security, yes, what is this security and secure from who? I understand it as well.

Security needs to be at any level even corrupt governments and those that participate with them like Google, an OS to keep us secure from them as well.

In todays world when you build an OS and mention security I hope the developers consider it at all levels, even the governments.

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Well I'm not a google fan also (even if all of my mailings are done by
google and my phone runs android)

But guys, this is just a mailing list. No matter where it is hosted
because any can subscribe from any address.

1. This means even if we have only 1 menber using google (or whatever
bad company) services then google has ALL of the threads on these
2. If we forget about point 1. ALL the mails are going clear text ALL
around the world.
3. These lists are open for EVERYONE.