[qubes-users] Subscribed But Gmail - This Is Absurd!

Oh and if no one got my point, it's not about trying to protect us from the NSA, but that would be really nice if possible, the point is you take a stand for what is right, and you don't support a company like Google.

In fairness, this mailing list was established prior to the recent
revelations about the scope of NSA spying. Members of the NSA read this
mailing list anyway. They monitor their own members too.

If you are concerned about your identity when using a public service
like Google, sign all of your email with your private key. If you want
to communicate privately where a Google service is involved, use public
key cryptography.

I would not assume that privacy problems are unique to Google. I would
assume that all Internet traffic is monitored. Any lesser assumption is
naive. I used to be naive....


By your logic, you should not use the Internet. All of the carriers
your communications traverse are monitoring your traffic. All of the
governments those carriers traverse are monitoring your traffic. The
question is no longer whether or not you are paranoid. The question is
whether or not it is possible to be paranoid enough.