[qubes-users] Subscribed But Gmail - This Is Absurd!

Ok I'm subscribed but in order to post a new topic you need a Gmail account, I don't use Gmail.

Also I was assuming this was going to be a mail list so that we could communicate through our email account(s) whichever we used?

Whoever is in charge of this can we PLEASE get a mail list going so we don't need Gmail to communicate?

Let's please not force people into needing Gmail for a mailing list, especially on an OPEN SOURCE project about SECURITY!

I find it really odd that an OS of this level for security and what it's suppose to be about would then create a mail list through Google.

It doesn't matter if we aren't talking about anything important, the POINT is the PROJECT should STAND for SOMETHING and I had assumed that if it was going to be of this caliber for OS security that whoever ran this show took the NSA/Prism crap seriously and would never ever contribute to anything Google or Gmail!

The FACTS are CLEAR, Google & Gmail through the NSA have VIOLATED THE USA Constitution!

Have the developers of this project been a sleep and are not aware of the NSA/Prism and Google/Gmails involvement?

I'm really at a loss here to see something like QubeOS created and then a Google Groups Mail Listing, that is completly absurd!

Let's get a CLUE here people and let's PLEASE create a REAL MAIL list on an Open Source platform that is worthy of this project!

Am I not speaking some truth here?

THANKS! :slight_smile:

How did you post this then? You can send email to qubes-users@googlegroups.com, pretty sure any email provider will work.

As for the other stuff, you have a point but I should say that for the Qubes OS designers, even with the intention of security, this does not preclude the use of gmail or other major providers. You are confusing two issues, the first is OS security from intrusion and the second is government eavesdropping. The two issues overlap but are not mutually inclusive. You cannot, for example, rely on Qubes OS to prevent a NSA agent from getting access to your house and bugging everything.

That would be my analysis, I’m rather new to this list but have been on Qubes for a few months now trying to get it to work better hint hint


Those mailing list problems my come from a gmail (default?) settings
that you do not receive your own posts.