[qubes-users] Shutdown Delay


Am I the only one that sees extra shutdown delays?
It seems that everything is unmounted, but still thing hang; unsure what that is. See attachment.
What surprises me is that crypto seems to be stopped before unmount.


No, I often see excessive shutdown delays.


No NFS involved; wouldn't it have to be NFS in dom0 then? Shudder!

No, doesn't work either; I had tried it before.

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I also experience(d) shutdown delays in the beginning of my qubes OS experience in about 1/10 shutdowns.
I never had any NFS mounts or alike that should have caused it.
After thrawling through the journalctl messages there was always some VM that waited for a process to exit.
Instead of decreasing the shutdown time delay in systemd for dom0 any every appVM, I decided to manually shutdown the appVMs and shutdown dom0 afterwards, which eradicated the problem near to complete. In fact I don't remember the last time i had to wait for a reboot/shutdown.
A simple alias in .bashrc for user in dom0 did the trick for me.

alias shutdown='qvm-shutdown --all --wait;sync;sudo shutdown -h now'
alias reboot='qvm-shutdown --all --wait;sync;sudo reboot'

Hope this is useful for you guys