[qubes-users] Reason to not start services via qubesrc?

Hi there,

According to Qubes service | Qubes OS VMs need a
qubes-specific configuration to support the usage of the VM settings
"Services" tab. I assume there is a good reason for implementing it this
way, so I would like to know what this reason is.
My approach would be to use qubesrc to run the services (even if they
might be disabled in the template). This way it would be much more
intuitive for users to understand. I myself had to spend quite some time
to figure out why a service that I added to the "Services" settings tab
did not run, because from the (lack of) description in the GUI I
expected an equivalent to "service %name% start" being executed in the
vm (for example by qubesrc)

If there is no good reason (which I doubt) I would create a feature
request for changing it. if there is s good reason I would create a
request for improving the GUI in a manner that allows users to correctly
understand what they can configure in this tab.