[qubes-users] Re: TPM: Device not found (Lenovo P51, Qubes 4.x)

Dave, did you ever get TPM working on your P51?

I have the same exact model of P51 (20HHCTO1WW) and I love it. It’s loaded up with 32GB RAM and 1TB NVMe SSD. But I was hoping to use it with Qubes and TPM.

Sounds like Qubes didn’t (and still doesn’t?) support TPM 2.0: Qubes OS and TPM 2.0

I’m a firmware developer myself, though so far not on PCs yet. I’m wondering if integrating support for TPM 2.0 is beyond my ability or more a matter of the very capable core maintainers being occupied with higher-priority stuff. If it’s the latter, perhaps I could try it…


Actually, it looks like the excellent Trammell Hudson is on the case: Xen / Qubes support · Issue #21 · osresearch/safeboot · GitHub