[qubes-users] Re: qubes

hi marek.


i plan on installing qubes on a lenovo n586 or an ibm t61.
yet, will it drain the battery more than an ubuntu 12.04 install?
for that, the n586 gives 2:15 hrs of use time.

For sure Qubes is more battery hungry than regular system. I's hard to tell
how much more - it depends on use case (number of VMs etc).

also, do you agree that qubes should be used on a 4gb+ machine due the

I know some Qubes users with less than 4GB RAM, but it isn't comfortable (only
2-3 VMs can be used at the time).

thank you, and with best regards,
ken smith

PS Please send such questions to the mailing list, which I'm cc-ing now.