[qubes-users] Re: Is it possible to build any BSD template on QubesOS?

I have pfSense (BSD) installed, and working fine for over 6 mos now, as my network IDPS on the external interface. Went OCD and created a complete installation guide and integration script.
It’s a bit long and detailed but it works like a charm:

I managed to get an OpenBSD template sort of working a while back. I
was able to get networking and storage to work, and X11 worked via
emulated VGA, but I ultimately gave up because of some clashes on the
OpenBSD mailing lists. A proper integration would require substantial
additions to the OpenBSD kernel:

- - nullfs (BSD version of bind mounts) for /home and /usr/local. The
  workaround (a loopback NFS mount) is not something I would be okay
  with for production use.
- - Hardened xnf(4) (netfront) and xbf(4) (blkfront) drivers. The current
  drivers are not safe in the presence of malicious backends.
- - Userspace access to Xen event channels and grant tables, so that
  libvchan and gui-agent can work.

Additionally, a Xen-aware bootloader would be needed if booting other
than in HVM mode is desired.
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Demi Marie Obenour (she/her/hers)
Invisible Things Lab