[qubes-users] Re: HCL - intel NUC10i7FNK

Hello all,

I got it running on Intel NUC10FNH and use already latest kernel and network is up and find.
Can you give me a hint what you want to tell with
" - check GPU driver provides a better resolution (>= full HD display), "

I have already 4k resolution but only software rendering.
My xorg.0.log told me: AIGLX error: Calling driver entry point failed. …reverting to software rendering."
I can not find what I have to change. Graphics is lousy.
In my EFI - Boot settings at xen.cfg is already (without my changes) options “iommo=no-igfx” and kernel “i915.alpha_support=1” like described

May be somebody can help me to fix my graphic.

Thank you

Ok, I just found small solution for stable display without artifacts and blackouts. But I think hardware rendering is still of. May be I´ll get a hint here.
For making it stable I found following solution: