[qubes-users] Re: Does qubes block usb on thunderbolt port?

Did any of this ever work? I have a USB C Thunderbolt based hub and I’m unable to get it to output Displayport screens.

All the USB/ethernet/etc on it work fine though.

I find the thunderbolt/usb-c hardware compatibility a mess[1]

The USB-C dock I have uses DisplayLink[2] for output its a pain to get to work with Linux and ~impossible on cubes without compromising security of Dom-0[3]

As far as I know Thunderbolt Docks use DisplayPort pass-through so should just work assuming the thunderbolt port your using supports the feature (it may need to be enabled in the bios), though I haven’t used any of these so nit sure.

[1] USB (various versions), PCIe, DisplayPort and PowerDelivery all can use the same physical plug, and it’s very much not obvious which subset happens to work on any given port.
[2] proprietary compressed frame buffer over high bandwidth USB, or apparently also (wireless) network.
[3] you need to attach the ports usb controller directly to Dom-0, and then recompile + install the binary blob Display Link driver see https://github.com/displaylink-rpm/displaylink-rpm , and then significant massaging of the Xorg configuration to get it to play nice.