[qubes-users] 'qvm-copy' and 'qvm-copy-to-vm' in AppVM

I’d expected ‘qvm-copy-to-vm’ to accept the 1st argument as target-vm and get on with copying, but for me both commands request the target-vm in a pop-up window – so what is the point of having ‘qvm-copy-to-vm’ at all, if I am not missing something really simple?

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Forces ANY file movement between VMs to be under the control of a human behind a keyboard/mouse. I ran into this as well, then realized the risk I was creating running this from a script.


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Ah that makes sense. Thanks much, Glen. (Scripting is precisely what I was going for – I can still have everything else automated.) Boryeu

qvm-copy-to-vm is deprecated and will be removed.

Yes, ‘qvm-copy’ alone would ensure the security of copying/moving files between AppVM’s. Thanks.

Maybe the ‘qvm-copy-to-vm’ version could be made to place the 1st argument in the Target field of the pop-up window, such that only a CR is required to complete the operation?