[qubes-users] QubesIncoming folder in /tmp ??

Hi I was wondering if it would not me preferable (at least in some VM's)
to delocalise the QubesIncoming folder in /tmp to have it "cleaned up"
regularly. It's a pain to do so manually. Is there a problem doing so ?
What would be the cleanest way to do it? A symlink ?? thank you, Bernhard


I wonder: Couldn't a systemd service do that?


I use this in rc.local:

mkdir /home/user/QubesIncoming
chown user:user /home/user/QubesIncoming
mkdir /tmp/QubesIncoming
chown user:user /tmp/QubesIncoming
mount --bind /tmp/QubesIncoming /home/user/QubesIncoming

I dont think the chown calls are needed, but I put them in , and have
not removed them.
Works as you would expect.

I thought there was already an open issue for this, but I couldn't find one, so I just opened this:

I like the way the ticket is formulated ... only empty directories should be removed.

I'd be extremely careful with binding QubesIncoming to /tmp ... this might lead to unintended loss if qvm-move is used or the origin is a disposable and the user does not immediately move the file out of QubesIncoming. Also consider the Idle-Shutdown script.

Personally I often treat QubesIncoming as an Inbox of sorts for different domains. Having files vanish without manual interaction would be a disaster in some cases.