[qubes-users] Qubes VM Manager list sorting

I prefer to have my VM list sorted by type and sub-sorted lexically by VM name. This can be set temporarily by first clicking the "Name" heading, then clicking the leftmost (blank) column heading. However, when Qubes VM Manager starts each time, it reverts to the default behavior of sorting by type and sub-sorting by an unknown scheme (it appears to be order of VM creation with special rules for cloned VMs). Is there any way for me to save my sorting preference as the default?

Actually, since paying more attention to this issue, I've noticed that the VM list completely refreshes itself on certain events (such as a DispVM closing, but also at seemingly random times). This refreshes things like the CPU and RAM usage history charts, which is understandable (since presumably this is only supposed to be "temporary" data anyway). But it also resets the ordering of the list to the default ordering scheme, which means that the list can completely change itself *while* the user is trying to read or interact it, which can be very jarring and potentially dangerous (for example, if the list changes itself a split second before the user right clicks on an entry, the user doesn't realize what has happened, and proceeds to perform an action via the menu).

I've had a couple of experiences where I notice a VM misbehaving, so I check it's settings via the Manager, and I see a settings that I didn't specify (or at least that I didn't *knowingly* specify). For example, a VM that I regularly use suddenly didn't have internet access, even though other VMs were fine. I checked the firewall rules, and sure enough, it had somehow become set to "Deny all except..." (with no rules specified. It didnn't make sense for this VM to have that settings, and I surely never knowingly set it that way. I thought, "hey, that's weird," but no harm done, so I just corrected the setting and carried on. But now I wonder if this was an instance where something like the potential problem I described above actually happened.